CAConnect® Program

CAConnect provides consumer rewards, charity contributions, and more

What's CAConnect?

CAConnect is a nationwide network of foodservice operators dedicated to excellence in vending, micromarkets, and dining.

We've come together to provide CAConnectMe to the consumer, an all-inclusive program that rewards consumers for spending, provides special offers on products and items, enable contribution to a choice of the user's charity, and a fully developed health and wellness program to encourge healthy habits.

CAConnectMe Loyalty Rewards

CAConnectMe Loyalty Rewards

Easy to use and redeem

CAConnectMe allows you to get rewarded with every purchase made from a participating CAConnect vending machine or micromarket.

Preload a balance and pay with your CAConnect card or CAConnectMe app on your phone to earn points, redeem special offers, and more. You will earn 5 points for every dollar spent. These points can be redeemed for your choice of products at any CAConnect vending machine or micromarket.

Giving back to our community

1.5% of all reward card spend is donated

Adaria believes in giving back to our local community. We regularly participate in product donations to local non-profit organizations, and our employees give their time in volunteering at food banks, community centres, and other charitable organizations.

Through our participation in CAConnect, Adaria funds 1.5% of all sales made through the CAConnect app or card to a charity of the user's choice. CAConnect can set up any nonprofit organization as a charitable partner, and employees are able to designate which charity their purchases will benefit. We feel this is a great way to not only help support the community but also to enable your employees to participate and to support the causes that they feel are most important.

Charitable Giving
The Right Choice for a Healthier You

The Right Choice for a Healthier You™

Better nutrition, better living

The Right Choice For A Healthier You™ is a workplace nutrition education program of CAConnect® designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle by making smart food choices, and to inform you about the ongoing efforts to balance and enhance nutrition in the food and beverage products we offer.

CAConnect® has developed dietary guidelines and a listing of food, snack, and beverage products available as well as products that meet the specific dietary guidelines. We are excited to offer this program, which coincides with the direction and focus of the leading medical health agencies' recommendations toward better eating for prevention of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.

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