Unattended retail store with hundreds of options at your workplace

What's a Micromarket?

Unattended retail concept with endless variety

Reinvigorate your breakroom with a refreshing experience. Micromarkets are a new unattended retail concept that are designed for workplace breakrooms as a replacement for vending machines. With hundreds of items to choose from, customers can select products from the shelves and coolers, just like a retail store. A self checkout kiosk allows users to scan the items and pay with ease. Security cameras are used to monitor the micromarket for security and loss prevention.

Micromarket Setup with Coolers

Beyond Convenience

Providing refreshment and satisfaction right at your workplace

Keep your employees refreshed and well-fed with an Origins Marketplace by Adaria®. Micromarkets provide a convenient grab-and-go offering for your staff, keeping them more productive and in the workplace. Our micromarkets offer hundreds of selections to keep consumers engaged. Plus, our expert teams will work with you on market design so that it's right for your breakroom.

Product Offerings

Easy to Shop and Pay

Shop, scan, and pay right at the kiosk

The workhouse of the modern day micromarket, Adaria's kiosk is reliable and easy to use. This versatile kiosk is a stylish, purpose-built innovation that offers best-in-class self-checkout technology.

Payments are made easy with credit/debit card acceptance right on the kiosk. The end to end encrypted card reader ensures cardholder data security and safety.

Checkout Technology
Micromarket Self Checkout Kiosk

Get Started Quickly and Easily

Contact your Adaria representative to get started with a market

Reach out to us.

Our professional customer relationship team will customize a solution that's right for your facility and ensure you get a customized market for your site.


Review and accept our proposal.

Your sales and implementation consultant will provide you with a comprehensive proposal on what we can do for your facility. We'll work with you to review your needs, space requirements, and more.


Enjoy your new market!

On installation and grand opening, you'll have an opportunity to try out the selections and the simplicity of making purchases right at the kiosk. Enjoy the convenience of having hundreds of selections right at your workplace!

Benefits of a Micromarket

See why a micromarket makes sense for your workplace

Easy to Use

Large touchscreen on the kiosk makes self-checkout a breeze. Guided instructions and user friendly prompts on the kiosk mean fast and convenient transactions.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Your micromarket is available to your employees whenever they're in the office. Whether it's a early morning or a late night, they're never far away from satisfaction.

Hundreds of Options

A micromarket can hold hundreds of options of snacks, beverages, food, and more. And with rotating varieties, there's enough to keep everyone fueled.

Safe and Secure

Security cameras come as part of your market for loss prevention purposes. We monitor the inventory to ensure that shrinkage is at a minimum.

Enhance Employee Engagement

Micromarkets are a morale booster for your employees. Adaria can work with your company to provide promotions or rewards to your workforce.

Low Cost of Service

Micromarkets come at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional cafeteria service - and provide more varieties to your staff.

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