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Get great tasting snack varieties at home or at your workplace

Hello Snacks is currently available for bulk box orders only.

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Hello Snacks!

Treat yourself or your office with a snack box filled with delicious snacks

Hello Snacks is our way of bringing you your favourite vending treats right to your door. Whether it's for your family at home, or for your colleagues at the office, Hello Snacks makes sure that everyone will find something they love.

Bringing the best of snacking right to your doorstep, Hello Snacks is an easy way of making sure your kids or coworkers are satisfied.

Designed for home and office

Delivering workplace happiness and employee satisfaction

Our snack boxes are catered for residential to small and mid-sized businesses to fulfill all your snacking needs.

Looking for good-for-you ingredients and healthy options? From classic favourites of familiar brands to unique tastes from other countries - we have it all! Tell us your preference, subscribe to weekly or monthly deliveries, and enjoy the convenience of hassle-free snack delivery right to your door. All you need to be admired as the new office hero.

Snack boxes are available in an individual size, which hold 15 of the bestselling items, or office size, which hold 40 different treats.

Hello Snacks Snack Box with Products
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