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Why choose Adaria.

We are the industry's most forward thinking service provider, leveraging our leadership in technology to deploy state of the art unattended retail solutions to our clients. We're not simply a vending company: we are a company dedicated to delivering the next generation of unattended retail solutions for your business.

Our Mission.

We enable organizations to nourish their employees, customers, and guests with innovative unattended retail solutions.

What we Do.

We provide innovative, unattended retail solutions to your site, along with complementary products. Our expert teams will ensure that you get a customized solution that's right for you and meets your objectives.

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Our Story.

Adaria was founded to bring technology into an outdated and overlooked industry. Traditionally, unattended retail systems have been vending machines sitting in a corner. Since our inception, we have realized the importance of technology and in bringing our customers innovation in the vending space. Adaria has developed and deployed numerous important technologies used in vending today.

We have a strong history of leadership and take pride in being Canada's most technologically advanced provider of unattended retail. Our heavy focus on technology has enabled us to provide solutions that work effectively and efficiently for our customers, relieving them of frustrations that generally arise from these services. At the core of all our services is our commitment to excellence: we are never satisfied until you are.

Some of the industry firsts that we have delivered include:

  • First to widely deploy Crane's Media platform for item selection
  • First to widely deploy cashless payments in Ontario
  • First to develop remote monitoring systems to ensure realtime stock management
  • Only vending operator to have in house technology development capabilities

Unattended retail today can take many forms. Adaria's vending services are an excellent solution for many facilities to deliver reliable, fast and effective means of providing refreshments and snacks to employees and customers. For some sites, a micromarket with a self-checkout kiosk may be a suitable option to provide patrons with additional variety and fresh product offerings that cannot typically be provided in a vending machine.

Adaria also offers complementary services to our unattended retail offerings, including office coffee services, water cooler rentals and more. We have carefully chosen our product selection to ensure that our customers are provided with best in class offerings at a competitive price. Contact us today to see how we can make our solutions work for you.

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