Adaria Dashboard

Get the most comprehensive data reporting with Adaria Dashboard

Gain unparalleled visibility

Adaria Dashboard is the only service that provides easy-to-understand insights into your refreshment programs.

Snapshot of Adaria Dashboard displaying graph analytics

Quick and Easy Access to Data

Answer critical questions with few clicks of a mouse

Adaria Dashboard is a cloud based business intelligence tool specifically designed for our national and multisite customers. With Adaria Dashboard, you can obtain flexible and customizable reporting for each of your sites, presented in visual formats that are easy to understand. Interactive widgets and individual drill downs enable you to get day level and SKU level reporting.

Powered by Advanced Intelligence

Machine learning-powered insights provide complete and actionable data

Adaria Dashboard goes beyond standard reporting. Leveraging ML capabilities, we make it easy for you to perform advanced analytics right within the dashboard. Pre-built models are utilized in anamoly detection and sales prediction graphs. But you don't need a data scientist on staff to make use of it: Adaria Dashboard inteprets the data to provide you with the key insights needed.

Snapshot of Adaria Dashboard displaying machine learning anomoly detection

Feature List

See what you can do with Adaria Dashboard
iPhone running Adaria Dashboard widgets

Access it Anywhere

Adaria Dashboard is desktop and mobile friendly for convenient access to reporting whenever and whereever.

Engage your workforce

Run programs to keep your staff happy and monitor uptake of initiatives across sites.

Manage your Assets

Know where every market, vending machine, or coffee station is located without having to do extensive surveys or manually compile data.

Track Item Sales

See what's selling and what's not, and go from an broad overview right down to SKU level detail with interactive drill-downs.

Discover Trends and Insights

Identify key insights and statistics to help you improve your employees' experiences.

Export to PDF and Excel

Want to include data as part of a presentation? Export your data with ease right into Excel and PDF formats for use elsewhere.

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