Cold Beverage and Snack Vending

Provide drinks and snacks for your employees and visitors at your facility
Coke Vending Machine

Cold Drink Vending Machines

From sodas to isotonics to specialty drinks, Adaria keeps your workforce hydrated

Quench your employee's thirst with Adaria's cold beverage vending solutions. Adaria can provide your site with the newest machine models from Coca-Cola and Pepsi, as well as unbranded equipment. As authorized distributors, we can supply your workplace or company with the largest portfolio of beverages, including sodas, teas, waters, juices, sports drinks, energy drinks and more.

Cold Drink Product Selections

Snack Vending Machines

Wide selection of healthy items and traditional items are available

Adaria’s snack vending services are a convenient way for your employees to keep themselves well fed and satisfied, leading to better employee morale and higher productivity for your business. No longer will your employees have to make trips to the convenience store, saving time and money. With Adaria, anytime is snack time.

Our unique Adaria Helix™ and Curve™ machines feature the latest in vending technology, including LED lighting, ADA compliance, remote monitoring, credit and debit card acceptance, and more.

Snack Product Selections
Adaria Snack Vending Machine
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