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We are the leading provider of unattended retail solutions in southern Ontario. We're about providing a solution that works for you, backed by our innovative technologies and state of the art equipment, service and support.

Vending Services

Providing beverages, snacks and more through state of the art remotely monitored vending machines.

Office Coffee Services

The coffee shop right at your office. A full lineup of brands and equipment to ensure you have the right solution.


Unattended self-checkout solution that enables consumers to browse as in a store, and offering a large variety of selections.

Water Coolers

Stylish and hygenic bottleless water systems that provide unlimited refreshment to users.

Pantry Services

Provide snacks, drinks and more to your staff right from your pantry, boosting morale and increasing productivity.

Snack Boxes

Unique assortment of pre-selected snacks, delivered right to your office on a regular basis.

The Most Advanced Operator in Canada

Our technologies power our customized solutions. We fuse our technical expertise with operational excellence to deliver breakthrough experiences.
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Trusted by Businesses of All Types

Adaria is a trusted partner and provider to some of Canada's best known companies
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