Specialty Vending Services

Unique vending applications available for deployment
Ice Cream Vending Machine

Ice Cream Vending Machines

Convenient access to frozen treats

Adaria can offer ice cream vending services to qualifying locations. Ice cream vending provides your customers with a convenient place to go for a tasty treat. Featuring robotic arm technology, our Fastcorp ice cream vending machines pick product from a chest freezer via a robotic vacuum. The product is then delivered to the customer quickly and efficiently.

PPE Vending Machines

Easy access to protective equipment for employee safety

Let your employees and customers know you care about their safety. Adaria now offers PPE vending solutions for your business. Products that can be supplied include masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and more.

Product consumption can be electronically tracked on a per user basis and the machine can be set to dispense items at no cost.

PPE Vending Machine
Theos Coffee Station

Theos Coffee Station

High quality cafe-style vending machine

Let your visitors experience the feel of a coffee shop. The award winning espresso bar coffee station is now available, and provides high street coffee quality with easy, self service convenience.

This product is provided by Theos Coffee, a third party entity, under the management of Adaria Vending Services Limited.

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