Office Coffee Services

Bring the best coffee brewing systems to your business
Keurig Brewer

Keurig® K-Cup Brewers

Easy and simple to use and maintain

Keurig's easy to use interface and endless varieties of coffee beverages make it a popular option to satisfy the demands of your workforce.

Coffee can be brewed with the touch of a button, and with fast brew times of less than a minute, you can ensure that no one will be waiting long for a cup.

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Flavia® Single Cup Brewers

Elegant solution for high quality workplace beverages

The Flavia® system is the only single-serve office drinks system that crafts perfect coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lattes, cappuccino and espresso, all at the push of a button.

The quick brewing speed and wide variety of options was designed with large offices and collaborative spaces in mind. The Barista model can also brew espressos at very high pressure, creating the signature flavour and crema that tastes great on its own or part of a delicious latte or cappuccino.

Flavia Brewer
Bean-to-Cup Machine

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Brewers

Freshly ground coffee, right on demand

Bean-to-cup machines prepare fresh ground coffee and specialty beverages right on demand. Simply refill the hoppers with your desired beans.

Bean-to-cup machines are ideal machines in larger workplaces. A user friendly touch screen makes selecting the desired beverage simple - and provides great tasting coffee, even for the most discriminating tastes.

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Drip Coffee Brewers

Great for serving multiple cups of coffee quickly

Drip coffee brewers are great for serving coffee as quickly as possible. Need coffee for a meeting? Simply open a new pouch, put a new filter and coffee into the machine, initiate the cycle and the coffee will brew right into a thermal carafe or dispenser ready for use within minutes.

Drip Coffee Brewer
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