Bean-to-Cup Brewing Systems

Freshly ground coffee to serve the discerning tastes
Eccellenza Touch

Bean-to-Cup Brewers

The freshest coffee available. Period.

Brew exceptional coffee and today's most popular hot specialty beverages–at the touch of a screen. Bean-to-Cup models feature easy to use touchscreen or menu interfaces, and offers the freshest cup of coffee possible and a wide variety of specialty beverages - all this, ground and brewed to perfection in seconds. Great coffee for even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Benefits of Bean-to-Cup Brewers

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Easy to Use

Large touchscreen or menu interface is intuitive and easy to use. Visual cues indicate where to press and the options available.

Easy to Maintain

Follow the on screen instructions to maintain the machine. All that is required is a daily cleaning of the machine to ensure optimal performance.

Environmentally Friendly

All that's left are coffee grinds - which you can take home or throw in the compost.

Dual Hopper and Triple Hopper Models

Certain Bean-to-Cups provide up to 3 different hoppers. Two hoppers allow you to pick two different coffees. Choose from a range of coffees available.

Specialty Beverages

The Bean-to-Cup machines make, in addition to coffee, hot chocolate, french vanilla, and cappuccinos, lattes and mochas.

Direct Connection to Water

All Bean-to-Cup models only work with a connection to the water line. This machine needs to be connected to a filtered water source for operation.

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