Vending Services

The latest and most comprehensive full service vending options on the marketplace
Cold Beverage and Snack Vending

Cold Beverage and Snack Vending

Provide a wide range of traditional and healthy drinks and snacks to your employees and visitors with Adaria's state of the art technology and equipment. Our full service vending offering ensures hassle free service right from the start.

Hot Beverage Vending

Hot Beverage Vending

A coffeehouse experience right in a vending machine, delivering gourmet coffee options in addition to specialty beverages. Hot beverage vending offerings can provide coffee, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and more.

Specialty Vending

Specialty Vending

Discover unique and customized vending options available from Adaria and our partners: from ice cream and yoghurt to safety equipment.

Hassle-free Vending Services

Our full service vending solution makes it easy for you to get the most out of your vending program.

Reach out to us.

Our professional customer relationship team will customize a solution that's right for your facility and ensure you get the proper equipment and service.


Review and accept our proposal.

Your sales and implementation consultant will provide you with a comprehensive proposal on what we can do for your facility. Adaria will provide a deployment plan for your site and provide prompt and regular updates on our progress.


Enjoy our vending services!

On install day, our operations team will deliver and install our vending equipment right on your site and provide a fully managed solution to ensure trouble-free services for your business.

Powerful insights to help deploy the best vending program

Cloud connected vending machines enable us to track, analyze, and optimize your vending machiness resulting in higher customer satisfaction

At the heart of every vending solution we deploy are our cutting edge technologies. All of our vending machines are IoT-connected devices. Built-in cloud connectivity enables us to obtain detailed data and analytics from sales and provides us the ability to optimize your machines to ensure they have the proper products to maximize sales and end user satisfaction.

Want to know what's selling at your machines, or want identify sales trends? Adaria can provide you with comprehensive item-level data and sales information with Adaria Dashboard. We are the only vending services provider utilizing enterprise analytics to ensure that we can intelligently merchandise and proactively monitor your vending assets.

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Tested and proven by clients

Trusted provider to small and large businesses, government, education, healthcare, and more.

Our reputation has been built over the years in providing next generation services in all our offerings. We innovate in all areas because we are laser focused on delivering the best experiences to our customers.

Adaria's vending services are proven to deliver and are utilized at some of the busiest facilities in Canada. Our proprietary technologies, customized systems, and comprehensive supply chain are trusted to provide reliable, well maintained vending services to all our clients.

From amusement facilities to major transport hubs, Adaria has the necessary expertise to service your site - whether it's one machine or one hundred.

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