National Accounts

Provide your sites with a consistent look and feel across North America

Require service throughout Canada or the United States?

Adaria can provide the same consistent service to you across North America

Adaria has the technologies and capabilities to service local, regional, and national clients. If you're looking to centralize management of your vending to deliver a consistent experience at all your sites, look no further. We will develop a customized product for you that meets all your needs and objectives.

Professional Service

Our staff are fully trained and equipped to provide you professional vending, micromarket, and coffee services to your sites

Consistent Look and Feel

Give your employees the same experience at all your sites: branded concepts ensure consistent branding at all your locations

Customized Service

We understand the needs of national accounts and know how to develop a program that suits your requirements and is easy to administer and manage

Comprehensive Reporting

With Adaria Dashboard, obtain valuable insights and quick and easy access to reporting data across all sites

Promotions and Discounts

Enjoy promotions and discounts across all sites with uniform service

State of the Art Technology

Adaria is the leader in unattended innovations: the only operator with extensive technical capabilities

Ready to give your associates a better experience?


Reach out to us.

Our enterprise accounts sales team will assess your requirements and customize a solution for all your sites. No matter how large your facilities are, we have solutions for you.


Review and accept our proposal.

We will present to you a proposal that will be customized to your needs. A key advantage is that we will be able to provide you with consistent nationwide service and coverage, so that your associates will have the same great experience.


Enjoy our services!

Our local teams will take care of installs and setups, and ensure that we provide you with the services proposed. Your employees will get the great service from our local teams. Our director of key accounts will be in regular contact to ensure all your objectives are met to your satisfaction.

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