Flavia Brewing Systems

The most hygenic and low maintenance option for brewing coffee in workplaces

Flavia® Workplace Brewing Systems

Create better breaktime experiences with Flavia

Flavia is 100% dedicated exclusively for workplace usage. Flavia office coffee machines provide convenience and durability you need to keep your office coffee program going.

Benefits of a Flavia brewer

Power workplace happiness with a Flavia brewer
Flavia C600 Brewer

Easy to Use

Touchscreen simplicity and guided instructions make Flavia brewers a snap to use. Choose from coffee and tea to cappuccino, lattes, hot chocolate and more with specialty beverage options.

Easy to Maintain

Flavia brewers are easy to clean and easy to maintain. Less maintenance means a more reliable brewer and more satisfied employees.

Exclusively for Workplaces

Flavia brewers are not available for purchase for home, meaning that products won't be taken for home use.

No Cross Contamination

The beverage never touches any part of the machine: it goes from the pack directly to the cup, making it the most hygienic brewing method available.

Cold and Specialty Beverages

With Flavia Chill, get cold beverages on demand without adding ice! Patented frothing technology lets you enjoy specialty drink by adding fresh milk.

Contactless Brewing

Control the brewing process right from your mobile phone. No need to touch the screen, ensuring the most hygenic dispensing experience.

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