Keurig Brewing Systems

Boost employee morale by giving them the system that everyone loves, and with zero hassle

Benefits of a Keurig brewer

Find out why a commercial Keurig brewing system is a great choice
Keurig K3500 Brewer

Easy to Use

Employees are familiar with how to use a Keurig system - it's the most popular single cup system at home.

Easy to Maintain

Keurig systems are a snap to clean and easy to maintain. Less to clean up and less mess means fewer issues or problems.

Proven Reliability

Cup after cup, these commercial Keurig brewers are built for reliability. They are built to withstand heavy, repeated use.

Wide selection of choices

Satisfy all tastes with name brands such as Green Mountain Coffee, Timothy's, Starbucks and Tim Hortons.

Specialty Beverages

Want something other than coffee or tea? Keurig also features hot cocoa and iced beverages for your office!

Direct Connection to Water

No need to refill the water tank: we can plumb the Keurig machine directly to the waterline so it's easy and convenient.

Endless Varieties

Choose from dozens of brands, including Tim Hortons and Starbucks
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